This comic is written and illustrated by Nefeli. You can find my instagram here and my twitter here. I am a highschool senior with too little time to update consistently.


Shinji is an OC of mine who existed for about two-three years before I decided he needed his own story. This is it. I can't say what this comic is about, because you'll have to figure that out on your own, if his unreliable narration allows. For info on specific characters, check the HUMANS tab, which I will update eventually I swear I'm working on the refs NOW.


OSK contains themes some readers may find disturbing, primarily ones found in horror. There may be sexual connotations but as some of the characters are underaged, there will be no explicit sexual content. If you are sensitive to themes that could be considered "dark", please pay close attention to content warnings that appear before individual pages. Please consume my comic responsibly.

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